In order to attain our mission, we pursue the following objectives:

  1. Promote the establishment, organization, continued assistance, growth and development of member Credit Unions;
  2. Conduct the business of savings and credit in the widest sense, especially by acting as a central financial unit for our members, encouraging members to save and providing loans at moderate interest rates;
  3. Provide members with the financial services that complement savings and loans;
  4. Secure the constructive interpretation of the operational laws and issuing general rules, recommendations and directives for the purpose of serving the best interest of its members;
  5. Conduct research and develop products, programs and services, as well as assuring responsibility for public relations, advertising, and provision   of legal assistance to the network;
  6. Cooperate and collaborate with all other cooperative organizations towards the furtherance of cooperative enterprises as well as representing nationally and internationally the Credit Union movement in Cameroon;
  7. Continuously promote gender equity at all levels of CamCCUL and its network;
  8. Exceptionally extend its services to parties other than its members within the micro finance sector in Cameroon and beyond whenever necessary,   in accordance with existing regulations and procedures;
  • Properly and profitably manage the excess funds entrusted to it by its members by considering all safe and sound investments as may be adopted   by the BOD and approved by the General Assembly;
  • Do all such other things that are conducive and reasonably incidental to the realization of the above objectives.





Our Development Partners

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